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On April 1, 2003, the first episode of Red vs. Blue took the internet by storm, heralding the dawn of a new era of online viral video. Based on the explosively popular video game franchise Halo, Red vs. Blue was unlike anything online audiences had ever seen before... and still is. From tank romances to alien offspring, buddy clubs, knock-knock jok...

About time you found my channel, man. Welcome, goddamit! My name is GradeA UnderA Bio: Height: 6'9" Weight: 420lbs Birthplace: Buckingham Palace, England Past employment: Pixar Studios (Head animator) I make well animated, high budget cartoon comedy videos ranting about stuff, with high brow humour and no 69 or 420 references. Very child-safe an...

Just a group of friends talking about movies with a very unique insight.

Movies were made to be critised... by Daniel O' Brien

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What would you do for a million dollars?