Youtubelibrary v0.9.8 & site updated!
Sleuteltje on 09/08/2016

The addon has been updated to v0.9.8. Numerous functionalities are added and bugfixes are done. has been updated with a number of fixes & features! Most notiably pre-configued Music Video & Movies Playlists....

v0.9.8 update + website update

Great news! The addon has been updated to version 0.9.8. A lot of changes have been made. I have been working approximitly 50 hours on this, hopefully it has been worth it. 

The most noteworthy changes are:

- Add pre-configured movie & music video playlists within the addon. (This functionality is available to donors only atm). Just browse in the addon, click and the playlist is added to your local configuration. 

- Added Movie support. You can now also add YT videos to the movie library of Kodi. It can even search imdb to see if the movie can be officially found and act accordingly.

- Added GMT offset. If a youtube channel updates its videos at for example 18:00 GMT+2, you can now set this offset in the addon to compensate for your timezone. 

- Added Reverse option. For (small) playlists that are sorted oldest -> newest instead of newest -> oldest there is now an option to reverse the order of the playlist. This option should only be used if the playlist does not contain a huge amount of videos or if there is a playlist available sorted newest -> oldest. 

v0.9.8 also fixes the bug that prevented videos with a '&' in the title from playing (you need to refresh the playlist). A lot of other (small) bugfixes have been made. has recieved some updates as well. You can now also browse pre-configured movies & music video playlists besides tv playlists! It has been made easier to see which language a playlist belongs to. The readibility of the site with white backgrouds has been improved a lot. The music video playlists index has a different look then the movies & tv index. 


I'm very curious to what you guys think. Please let me know in the comments section below :D!




View all changes below:

- Added Feature (Donor): Add pre-configured Musicvideos playlists from from within the addon! (Free users can view the playlist settings on
- Added Feature (Donor): Add pre-configured Movies playlists from from within the addon! (Free users can view the playlist settings on
- Added Feature: Ability to set timezones for playlists. For example this playlist updates @ 19:00 GMT+2.
- Added Feature: Reverse. (Reverses the playlists in its order. Useful for playlists sorted oldest -> newest instead of newest -> oldest. You should really try to find newest->oldest playlists tho. This function will not work with playlists containing to much videos. This functionality isnt perfect for obvious reasons.)
- Added Feature: Now creates a backup file of a settings.xml every time it alters it (in case it gets corrupted) and validates the file.
- Added Feature: You can now refresh a playlist from its context menu
- Added Feature: Movies support
    - Added Feature: IMDB scraper (Tries to identify movies on IMDB, if it succeeds let the IMDB scraper do its work. If it fails the user has the option to not add the video or fallback on addon settings)
    - Added Feature: IMDB match cutoff (Determine how much of a percentage the title needs to match the title on IMDB to be acccepted as a match)
    - Added Feature: Smart Search (Tries to identify movie information like year & director. It also tries to strip unneeded stuff from the title, for example: "(FULL MOVIE)")
    - Added Feature: Use YT Image (Always use the image from Youtube | Never use the image from Youtube | Only if no image is found on IMDB | Dont add the video if no image is found on IMDB)
    - Added Feature: Set (Determine the Movieset the movies from the playlists will belong to)
    - Added Feature: Resume playback on videos added to the movielibrary
- Bugfix: Videos with & in the title gave an error when playing.
- Bugfix: Doesnt scan the library after refreshing a playlist anymore
- Bugfix: If an error happened while retrieving a playlist, it would raise an exception and stop working until a restart of kodi.
- Bugfix: Turned artist-song around if artist-song found in "X by Y" regex.
- Bugfix: Didnt remove musicvideo folder when deleting the playlist when asked to do so.
- Numerous small fixes & tweaks I forgot to write down
- API: added fields: channelId, update_gmt, reverse
- API: added movie
- API: added musicvideos
- AddedFeature: pre-configured Movies playlists
- Added Feature: pre-configured Musicvideos playlists
- Added Feature: See easily to which language a playlist is. You can also click on it to search other playlists by the same language.
- Fix: some small bugs
- Fix: some styling issues



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