Youtube Library Now has its own website!
Sleuteltje on 06/09/2016

There is still a lot of work to be done, but Youtube Library now has its own website! And you are looking at it right now ...

It has taken me a while to build this, but we have got ourselves something cool here!

You are able to find pre-configured playlists here! Currently only tv playlists, but I'm planning to also add Music Videos later! If you are a donor, you can also add those playlists through the addon! But if you're not a donor, don't worry, you can still see the settings I've used for the playlist, and enter the same ones in your settings.xml.

I've got a lot more feautures planned and hopefully I'll have just as many free time soon. 

Also now I have a blog on this website, It will be more easier for you to follow developments of Youtubelibrary! :)


Currently looking for Translators!

If you are so kind to help me translate the website / addon in your language, please contact me at



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