What is YoutubeLibrary?


Youtube library is a completely free Kodi addon that lets you add Youtube Playlists to your Kodi Library as if it were Tv Shows or Music Videos!

Download Youtube Library

Don't forget to check out the Blog to get the latest news about Youtubelibrary.

I've also pre-configured a lot of playlists for you , donors can even browse these from within the addon.

I work on this project in my spare time, while trying to survive with my own very small business in the meantime. If you like my addon, please let me know :). It helps to motivate me and keep going. Donations are also really appreciated and help bring down the costs like hosting for me.

DISCLAIMER: Donations are not a membership, service or subscription. Donating does not obligate me to provide you with any support. I don't MAKE money from this project. I will however do my best to help you.